MDN L10N first Event at Bangladesh

Event report: MDN L10N Boost-Up

Yesterday, we participated at long anticipated MDN Localization Boost-Up event. Organized by Mozilla Bangladesh localization team and attended by promising localizers – both new and active Mozillians. Number of new Mozillians was slightly greater than already-contributors – disappointed us a bit but was acceptable as many could not join due to politically unstable situation.

Organizers reached event venue at early 9:00, we prepared venue. People started showing up from 10:30. We maintained this etherpad to keep track of new localizers and who localized what! Took lunch & prayer break at 1:00 PM. Lunch menu was mouth-watering. šŸ™‚

Event resumed at 2:00 PM and continued till 4:30 PM. We ended our program by awarding most-effective contributors T-shirts we designed. We took group photo and returned home, with determinations to continue localization effort.

Event photos can be found at our Facebook Page.

And finally, I’d express my gratitude to those without whose support this event would remain a dream: Zobayer for going through all the hassles of arranging the venue and co-ordinating. Noor vai for the T-shirts and banner, Rahid for the food, MAK vai for the coordinations and support and the last-minute banner design, Firoz for the T-shirt designs, Shuvo, and many other volunteers. These guys not only helped arranging the event but made it fruitful with their presence, guiding new contributors to keepĀ  the web open.

PS: Though there were many new mozillians, only 6 registered in the reps page. But I think that’s sufficient to mail Konstantina for a dino. šŸ˜›

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