From MDN Work Weekend @ Paris

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) has been my first priority of contribution for more than a year. Specially, since I started feeling the way that contribution for the developer documentations and keeping them up-to-date in my native language is of utmost importance. Thanks to Mozilla and specially Ali for inviting me to join the first MDN work weekend at Paris, from March 7 to 9.

For those who don’t know what the MDN is: it is the home of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web API and other open-web standards’ documentation! Get Involved!

As a part of preparation, I, with the help of MDN task force members here in Bangladesh, ran a survey to understand how well local developers know MDN, how they use it everyday, and how they contribute to it. I was not able to present the survey result at the work weekend due to insufficient response, but I hope to publish the results soon, as now the survey has got more attention from local audience.

Are you a Bangladeshi web developer or CS student? Help us improve MDN for Bangladeshi developers by taking part in this short survey!

But my journey to Paris was not smooth. First, I got visa valid from the wrong dates and I had to change my flight, so that I have valid visa when I enter Paris. Next, my flight was delayed for bad weather conditions and I missed my connecting flight from Dubai. I had to stay a whole day at Dubai and I received at Paris the next day, at 2 PM in the afternoon! I was so much frustrated that once I thought I would go back from Dubai instead of keep trying. But then, I decided that I have to make most of it, so as soon as I arrived at Paris I checked in to my hotel and walked directly to Mozilla space at Paris.

Experience at Paris Mozilla space was awesome. Though I had very little time, I quickly joined Jeremie’s web literacy map session – experience at the session was wonderful. We had to figure it out what complete new learners must have and would be nice to have in order to make a website! Now, there is this MDN glossary which was a fantastic idea for new learners.

The next day I arrived early at the office. I was trying my best to pick up works. I spent most of the time with Kensie, Kaustav and Priyanka figuring out next steps for Dev Derby contest. I also had some inputs for MDN events as I had run localization sprint in Bangladesh. At afternoon everyone presented their works, it was really amazing to see so many outcomes in just 3 days. At the same time, I also felt bad about my flight incidents for which I missed most of the work weekend.

We had these fantastic dinners at Paris. I met these amazing people whom I’ve always wanted to meet, and having time with them has been the most inspiring thing that have ever happened to me, and I’m thriving to build the local contributor base here in my country for MDN!