How to get Free SMS Alert-Reminder of your Appointments/Tasks

Wondering of getting free SMS alert/notification before your scheduled appointments? The solution is Google Calendar. With Google Caledar, you can get as many reminders as you want before any appointment/event.

I’ve set up several reminders for each event! Suppose I’ve got a meeting on 3PM, I’ve set up reminders in such a way, that I get 3 SMS alert from google for each Event! One is just 24 hour before any event, another one is before 3 hour of any event. Customize it the way you want….

So all you need to do…

– Activate your Google Calendar by your Google Account
– Make Entry of your Appointments
– Set up your mobile number
– Set up how to get reminder SMS

Tasks 1 & 2 are so simple, just go Google Calendar and manage as you need. I’m Describing steps 3 & 4 now:

How to set up your mobile number:

Go to Google Calendar home. Click Settings. On the settings page, click the Mobile Setup tab. Enter your mobile number correctly and click on Send Verification Number. You’ll receive a verification number on your mobile phone shortly.

To finish, enter the verification number on the text box and click Finish Setup

How to Set up Reminder:


Download this PDF Documentaion for instructions on how to set up SMS reminder!


Free PDF Reader Viewer for Iphone/Ipod Touch

Yes, you can read (view) PDF files in your Ipod Touch/ Iphone. You can view the files later without needing any Internet Connection. But one drawback is, you need access to a WiFi network!

The Best way to do this is, by creating your own WiFi Network, that means it will be free and you will not have to pay charge for transfering PDF files.

Step 1. Download The App “Files Lite”

Go official link here and download the free version. The free version allows a maximum limit to 200 MB

Step 2. Start the Application in your Iphone

Once you have downloaded & installed the application, start it in your ipod. Before that, be sure you are connected to a WiFi Network. When you start the app, it will prompt you an internet address i.e or something like this. Open your favorite browser and go to this address by typing it in your address-bar.

If everything is all right, you will see a web-page, using which you can upload PDF files in your Ipod! Later, to read the PDFs, open the app in your Iphone and select the PDF you want to read. That’s so simple 😀

Free JavaScript BirthDate picker, how to add Date select option by JavaScript

Howdy! Today I’m going to share a free birthdate picker for your website. Just call the function birthdate_populate, pass the IDs of Date, Month and Year’s <SELECT> tags, and you are done!

Code in action

View the live Demo here!

How to use

First, we need to include the javascript file birthdate.js to your html page. Put the following code in your <head></head> section:

<script type="text/javascript" src ="birthdate.js">

Now in your <body> section, at first put Three <select> tags to pick the date. Give them appropritae name and ID

Choose your Birthday:
                <SELECT id ="date" name = "dd"></SELECT>
                <SELECT id ="month" name = "mm"></SELECT>
                <SELECT id ="year" name = "yyyy"></SELECT>

Now is the main part. put this code just somewhere below your <select> tags:

<script type="text/javascript">date_populate("date", "month", "year");</script>

That’s it! You’re Done!

Download Source Code

Visit the official site here to download

How to connect Two PC and Share BroadBand Internet in windows Seven/Vista

Assume you have two computers running in Windows Vista/Seven:

  • – PC1, already connected with Internet using BroadBand (Ethernet Cable)
  • – PC2, which you want to connect with PC1 and share the internet.

Well, that’s quite simple in Windows Seven/Vista. All you need is:

Well, Now let’s begin work. It’s quite simple. First, just install another LAN Card (the card where you plug the cable) in PC1 (just insert the card on your motherborard or use a USB lan card). Now, your PC1 has two LAN cards installed. The first card is connected with the internet. The second card will be used to connect with PC2!

Now, when you install the new LAN card on PC1, you can find a new Icon on Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. Just like the one shown in the picture below (I’ve renamed my first lan card as “cityccom” and the second card icon as “gigahome”)

Now, Double clidk on the icon of new lan card, Click Properties. From the property window, double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP). A new window will appear, and make everything unchanged like the picgture below:

Now, Right click on the icon of the old LAN card which is connected to internet (in my case “citycom”) and go to Properties. Now, click on the sharing tab, and put tick on the sharing option.

You’re almost done! One final step, now go to PC2. Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. Then Right click on the icon of the LAN card, go to properties, double click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP) and set everything default (Obtain IP address, DNS automatically)

You’re done! Now connect the new lan card of PC1 with PC2 using the cross-over cable, and you can enjoy networking and internet.

NB: If it troubles, try connecting and disconnecting the cables, or by restarting the computers.

Free Java Game Code: HangMan Code by Java!

I’ve coded a simple Game by Java – A HangMan Game! To make it interesting, The game is called HangCoder which means, it is played by a programmer! Don’t worry, it only means you will be given words related to programming to guess.

The source code is open and allowed to modify. It is helpful as a quick demonstration of java Swing and AWT components like textboxex, buttons, images and other stuffs. Study the code, modify as you need and make your own Java HangMan!

Download Source From here.

Images: Can be obtained from here (no need to download if you get the zip file above)