Firefox OS Hack Session in Bangladesh, tomorrow! Open for Everyone!

We’ll be having a Firefox OS hack session [1] at Uttara, Bangladesh tomorrow and thus start the journey of the series events. Eventually, we’re planning to organize Open Web Applications/Firefox OS Hackathon in 2013 and as a part of the program, we’ll be arranging open web hacking & training sessions in colleges/universities/other possible regions.

Tomorrow, we’ll be presenting at the first event of the series, at Asian University of Bangladesh, Uttara Campus, starting sharp at 11:00 AM, UTC+6

We’ll be introducing Mozilla Bangladesh, Firefox OS [3] essentials, apps showdown & tutorials to write your own apps, API demo etc.

The Event is FREE for everyone, so just drop by!

If you want to host such event in your university/college/local area, just inform the Mozilla Bangladesh ReMo team [2] and we’ll be more than happy to arrange such events! If you’d like to contribute/speak in such events, please join Mozilla Bangladesh Community [2] today.

See you all tomorrow!



Firefox turns 8 – Mozilla Bangladesh Community Celebration

Just returned from the Mozilla Bangladesh Community meet-up. Mozillians along with ReMos attended the party – it was an awesome afternoon. The meet-up was special as we celebrated our favorite Firefox’s 8th Birthday.


The party was scheduled to start at 3 PM, but ReMo Ahsan vai was present by 2 PM to receive guests. Me & another ReMo, Enzam picked the cake and were a bit late, but we were excused because of the delicious cake ;). First there was the introduction session, where everyone said hi, about themselves & how much they love Firefox!

We ordered “Faluda” a popular desert in Bangladesh. We talked about Mozilla Bangladesh community, about Mozilla & it’s various projects & activities. Mozillians also shared their thoughts. They learned about the ReMo program too, and how to contribute to Mozilla either being a ReMo or not.

Finally, there was the time for cake! I won’t make the post longer, let the photos speak.

Soon it was evening, & we had to leave. We collected contact information of the Mozillians, discussed about future activities and thus enjoyed an wonderful afternoon with proud Mozillians of Bangladesh.

Happy Birthday Firefox, again!