Force auto hide Unity sidebar Launcher when not auto-hiding

This is a bug. To force auto hide again, just drag (move) some icon in your desktop!

Thanks to okey666 at for this temporary, but life-saving solution!


Remove Device (Disc Volume) icons from Ubuntu Unity Sidebar/Lunchbar

1. Install dconf-editor. Open Ubuntu Software Center:

  • Press Windows/super key from your keyboard. Then search by typing Ubuntu Software Center, open it.
  • Type dconf-editor in the search bar & install it.

2. Open dconf-editor by typing following in a terminal:


3. Go to desktop —> unity –> devices –> devices-option. The default is “OnlyMounted”. Set to “Never”.

That’s it. 🙂 Thanks to Bahar vai

Close a program from terminal in Ubuntu

Step 1. Find “process ID” of the program

Each program/application in Ubuntu has a process ID. type the following command to get it’s process ID. In the example, I’m assuming the program is “jdownloader”

ps aux | grep -i jdownloader

Now you’ll get an output like the following image. Look at the process ID (marked by yellow background):

Step 2. Kill it!

Once you’ve grabbed the process ID, you can close it by this command:

kill -9 process-id-of-the-program

So, for our example where process id is 19641, we should issue following command in the terminal:

kill -9 19641