How to get Free SMS Alert-Reminder of your Appointments/Tasks

Wondering of getting free SMS alert/notification before your scheduled appointments? The solution is Google Calendar. With Google Caledar, you can get as many reminders as you want before any appointment/event.

I’ve set up several reminders for each event! Suppose I’ve got a meeting on 3PM, I’ve set up reminders in such a way, that I get 3 SMS alert from google for each Event! One is just 24 hour before any event, another one is before 3 hour of any event. Customize it the way you want….

So all you need to do…

– Activate your Google Calendar by your Google Account
– Make Entry of your Appointments
– Set up your mobile number
– Set up how to get reminder SMS

Tasks 1 & 2 are so simple, just go Google Calendar and manage as you need. I’m Describing steps 3 & 4 now:

How to set up your mobile number:

Go to Google Calendar home. Click Settings. On the settings page, click the Mobile Setup tab. Enter your mobile number correctly and click on Send Verification Number. You’ll receive a verification number on your mobile phone shortly.

To finish, enter the verification number on the text box and click Finish Setup

How to Set up Reminder:


Download this PDF Documentaion for instructions on how to set up SMS reminder!