How to search & Download Free Ebook PDF books by Google!

By using some cool Google search features, you can save time and search free Ebook/PDF books for download! Here goes some cool tips:

1. If you are looking for PDF files, add the term filetype:pdf with your search query. Suppose you are searching wrox’s ebooks, so you may search like this: wrox php filetype:pdf 😉

Or to search for java books, you may try: java filetype:pdf

However, this trick is not quite helpful. Instead, we are looking for such sites providing bulk ebooks stored in their server for direct download! Confused? have a look on this site….

Wasn’t it cool? Yeah! I used following search term for searching sites which provide free direct ebook download:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inul:asp intitle:”index of” (pdf) python

Is it hard to remember? Use my site to help you find your books! – here it goes, type your search query here, my site engine uses advanced search features to find you sites from google search. Or, you can see my blog page dedicated for free ebook sites discovered by using my site search features! 😀

More tips will be updated here in future. Till then, you can use my site to help you find a book!

Great site for Finding Ebooks!

E-book Download Links (Programming)

Check out this site for searching free Ebooks on Programming:

Also check-out my bookmarks for updates.

However, I’ll also update this page regularly! 😀

Free One-Click Download E-book Sites!

Don’t Forget to Browse other folders of these sites 😉

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