Currently I’m working on web and desktop development. Interested in anything about php, apache, java, c++, actionscript, flex – and other technologies. I enjoy working on linux, windows and other mobile platforms. In this blog I just want to share anything I’m learning & ofcourse- want to learn more from anybody.


Projects I am involved with

Sites Developed by Me

My New blog

Now, I’m blogging here at my own domain – blog.muktosource.com 🙂


I enjoy translating sites to my native language Bangla. Some small contribution towards Bangla, the International mother language, are listed below.

  • Translated addtoany – The share/save button into Bangla
  • Translated File Thingie – The free PHP file manager into Bangla
  • Developed the site for Rokeya Phonetic Keyboard – a new & improved key-board layout for typing Bangla
  • Currently, I’m busy translating Drupal into Bangla.

Novice Works

These novice tools were developed in a non-professional way, during my school days. Please don’t use any of these novice apps as they may contain bugs and security holes.


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