Mozilla Summit Diary – 2013 :)

It’s been a while since we came back from “the Summit” – gathering of almost 1800 Mozillians in 3 different cities, where we shared the common view, discussed what we’re doing and set goals for the upcoming days. Among fellow Mozillians from my country Bangladesh, we flew to Santa Clara, SF on 3rd of the October. It was so great to finally meet with the faces I see behing IRC nicks and mails in the list. We reached Santa Clara Marriott (venue for the summit at Santa Clara) by afternoon, and was greeted with welcome bag, and smiling faces 🙂 . After dinner, we (four from Mozilla Bangladesh community) kind of explored the city. Visited Apple store where MAK vai bought his new Mac Air and I bought a sim card.

Next day we were on a photo walk, in the Silicon Valley! It was difficult to control the group as everyone was busy taking snaps, so we could not explored much but it was amazing anyway. Being back to hotel, after taking breakfast, we were in the California Ballroom,  the great room was decorated nicely with two big screens. Mitchell Baker has always been a great speaker, and personally, I was happy for it as the starting of the Summit program. Later, we had World Fair and we had to prepare our stall – Bangladesh stall! We took 2 spots, one dedicated for Localization, Firefox OS and apps activities and another one focusing on the contribution and WebMaker activities. We received great enthusiasm from the audience. After the fair, it was time for lunch. Cuisine here is quite different from ours, still I liked it and made my stomach filled with :).

There were different open sessions, and we decided to divide and attend the sessions we individually were interested in. The plan is, we’re arranging a post summit meet-up in Bangladesh this Friday, to share the ideas we got from the Summit. This way, everyone from our community who is interested in what I got from the Summit, will be able to know. I’m planning to give a presentation on Mozilla services, and will talk on MDN localization boost up in our community.

There are lots of things to share for which I’ll write separate posts, perhaps.

If you’d like to spend your time viewing some photos of the summit, specially of MozillaBD stall from world fair, they’re here!