Close a program from terminal in Ubuntu

Step 1. Find “process ID” of the program

Each program/application in Ubuntu has a process ID. type the following command to get it’s process ID. In the example, I’m assuming the program is “jdownloader”

ps aux | grep -i jdownloader

Now you’ll get an output like the following image. Look at the process ID (marked by yellow background):

Step 2. Kill it!

Once you’ve grabbed the process ID, you can close it by this command:

kill -9 process-id-of-the-program

So, for our example where process id is 19641, we should issue following command in the terminal:

kill -9 19641

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  1. another handy way to kill unresponsive program is to issue “xkill” comand in terminal and click (unresponsive) window you wish to kill….

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