LanWall – Free PHP Comment Wall for LAN users! Opensource!

Live Demo Here!


LanWall is a PHP-based project for creating community among users connected in a Local Area Network (LAN). Users can post messages in the wall and make replies.

In administrative mode, admin can modify comments & posts, ban certain IPs, restrict access or reset anything.


  • Requires no database! You do not need any database server. Unzip and use!


  • Requires a web server, i.e Apache/Xampp. Requires PHP
  • Not coded in Object-oriented fashion, kinda hard to edit codes 😦

The product is released as opensource and can be redistributed or modified keeping the file license.php intact.

OpenSource Project released by
PROGmaatic Developer Network

For bug reports feel free to mail the author

Download Links

Current Version: 1.0 beta:  Download from


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