Premature end of script headers

This is a pretty common error appearing in the Apache servers… along with the disgusting Error 500 – Internal server error on the browser. Usually the error indicates that it was unable to send necessary header information correctly.

What makes the problem terrible – it does not explain much of the cause. The best way to solve this problem is to find your apache Log and examine it. Usually the log file is available in /var/log/apache2/error.log file in Linux.

Examine the file for a detailed description. For example, if the error message is associated with preceding –

(13)Permission denied: exec of ‘<location of  the file>’ failed

– message, then your script is not marked as executable. Give file permission to run the file as executable, and your problem will be solved.

What if you can’t find the LOG file?

If you’re not allowed to access the log files in any server, then what to do? You may check the apache.conf file for the location of the log file (usually all hosting providers give access to error logs, you just need to find our where the file resides.) Ask your hosting provider for more help.