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Whoa! At long last, I’ve finished my Code Sharing/Download/Hosting Project! And with bonus –  with the features to Compile & Execute your codes! 😀 Yummy, huh? Yes, I was looking for a online code storage so that I can demostrate my codes to others, with perfect syntax highlighting, direct one click download facilities etc. I dreamt of a site that would be handy, no registration will be required, just hit the site and paste your code. To spice up everything, I’ve also implemented comment from viewer facility – yes I know you want comment from your viewers! 😉 And lastly, online compilation of your code! Just hit the compile button, provide some input or not, and submit, you find your output that is permanent, share your code/compilation information with anyone on the web!

So you can share your code here, compile it online, provide links at your blogs & it would be simply superb. Okay enough talking, now let’s see some eXclusive features of the site:

Now what? Just try the site. If you like it, please recommend to others, I spent a significant amount of site in the development 😦 It’s totally free, and always will be. Please give me feedback, I will definitely take them seriously and implement ASAP……..

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    1. Thanks vaiya for taking a look. Please help me by suggesting how to improve it, & if you like it also recommend to others! 🙂

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