Bangla/Bengali Web File Manager by PHP বাংলা ফাইল ম্যানেজার

Hello, everybody! Today I’m going to share one of my little but proud contributions to the Bengali language – A Complete Bangla File Manager written in PHP. No, I didn’t write the core file manager script, as there are plenty of scripts available written by professional coders. So I chose File Thingie, a singe-file open source PHP based file manager script. The next thing I did, translated it to my mother lagnguage Bengali 🙂

Check out the screenshots:

So what you need to do?

  1. Download latest copy of File Thingie from here (recommended 2.5.3)
  2. Download Bangla Translation extension from here. Rename it to “ft_lang_bn.php” & put it in the same folder where your downloaded copy of File Thingie resides.
  3. Edit the file thingie script, select Bangla as the default language. All you need to do, is simply edit the File Thingie script, find the line containing $ft[“settings”][“LANG”] and set it to bn:

$ft[“settings”][“LANG”]              = “bn”;

Now it should be working properly, as working properly in my servers:

Anyway, I think your tasks are simplified, since translating is not that kind of job for a programmer 😦 Anyway, some of my translations are spelled incorrectly, some of them might not be suitable. Please let me know about them. And you’re always at your freedom to modify the code as you need!

Note: My translation also stays in the translation packages-download page of File thingie. But i recommend to download it from the hostcode-site, as i may update the script later.

So fire up your bangla file manager now!!!


One thought on “Bangla/Bengali Web File Manager by PHP বাংলা ফাইল ম্যানেজার

  1. Hi
    I was using FileThingie 2.5.3 as you do (on, and I was hacked.
    There is a newer version 2.5.7 which fixed this security issue.
    Please update your version.
    Good luck,

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