TorrentFlux: How to automatically start downloading a Stopped Torrent

I love downloading torrents with TorrentFlux. The problem occured with one of my servers, it stopped the torrents which I start downloading after few minutes. Looks like the Hosting Provider doesn’t want such processes. So every time I start torrent download, somehow it was stopped. I couldnot figure the problem 😦

So what to do? Everytime I had to click on “Start Torrent” button to resume download. It started, and as usual stopped after a few minutes 😦 Grrrr…. so I made a change on scripts to automate the process:

  1. If the torrent is stopped, automatically open the Start torrent page “startpop.php” in new window
  2. Submit the page “startpop.php” automatically

I know the solution is not perfect, but it works! I should have solved it by cron jobs, but I’m not that expert unfortunately 😦

So here are the tricks….

Go to your TorrentFlux directory where the scripts are available.

Open the file “functions.php” and make changes:

Replace line#2570 with this:

$output .= "<script>StartTorrent('startpop.php?torrent=".urlencode($entry)."')</script>";

Replace line#2574 with this:

$output .= "<script>StartTorrent('startpop.php?torrent=".urlencode($entry)."')</script>";

Ok, we’re done with this file. Now save It, and open the other file “startpop.php” for editing.

Replace the line #163 with this:

<body bgcolor="<?php echo $cfg["body_data_bg"]; ?>" onload = "StartTorrent();">

Save the file, we are done! 😀 Now when the index page auto refreshes after 60 seconds (default time), It will check whether any torrent is stopped. If stopped, it will open the page “startpop.php” in a new window, so UNBLOCK POP-UPS for this domain on your browser. Once the window is opened, it will be automatically submitted, so our torrent download will begin again!

Hope it will help. Any questions, ask me. Got a better solution? Help my by notifying!


7 thoughts on “TorrentFlux: How to automatically start downloading a Stopped Torrent

  1. hey, i tried it,,,, it worked but it doesnt always work,, is there any other trick??

    i have do it again and again…. can you please give some parmanent solution?

    1. Well, have you done everything carefully? Be sure you edited the code correctly.

      Please be a little more detailed about your problem….. And one thing, make sure your Browser is not blocking the Pop-Ups!

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