How to install Vista-like SideBars & Gadgets (Screenlets) in Ubuntu

ScreenshotYou can have many cool Screenlets (which are known as sidebar gadgets in Vista or Windows 7) in your Ubuntu! Look at the cool CPU-meter’s screenshot taken from my Ubuntu desktop.

To Install them, first you need to install application ‘screenlets’, fire up terminal and type

sudo apt-get install screenlets

Of course, you can also install it from Add/Remove Programs! Choose the way you like.

When download & installation is completed, run the program. You can already see lots of screenlets already added by default. However, you can have many cool screenlets from this site:

From this site, download your favorite screenlets. To install a new downloaded screenlet from terminal, copy the ***** file in your desktop, then type:

sudo su
cd ~/Desktop
tar xvjf ***** -C ~/.screenlets 

Check-out: If your downloaded filename is ****.tar.gz, type following:

sudo su
cd ~/Desktop
tar xvzf *****.tar.gz -C ~/.screenlets

You’re done! you can find the new screenlet from you Screenlet Panel, which is available on the right corner of your Top Panel 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to install Vista-like SideBars & Gadgets (Screenlets) in Ubuntu

    1. That’s the point……… Ubuntu is much more powerful and beautiful than windows…….. but the problem is we habe to fetch the beauties by ourselves!


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